About the Author

I have been in the field of education and English and writing for almost 30 years. I’ve been homeschooling for 13 years. As an educator, writer, and homeschool mom I’ve searched for, used pre-packaged curriculum, and developed my own English and Literature curriculum for my own children and for classes I have taught in the education system and homeschool coop classes.

Because I have been there and have looked for ways to save myself planning time and still wanted to provide my children with a quality education, I have been developing self-paced and live online classes to assist other moms in their homeschooling efforts. I want to save homeschool parents time so they can work on other subject areas and enjoy free time with their children, while helping them give their children a quality educational background in grammar, writing, and literature.

I love to share my passion for writing and literature with children (and even grammar) in hopes that they will enjoy the written English language and all it has to offer as much as I do. Like an appreciation for art, with comprehension and learning the art of writing and techniques authors use in their literature, reading classic literature becomes more enjoyable and understandable.

I like to make learning fun and help the students draw connections from their own experiences into their writing and understanding of a piece of literature. By breaking the subject of English down into understandable bites for the middle and high schooler, English is no longer intimidating, but something to be enjoyed and appreciated.

I have also enjoyed publishing e-books incorporating our love for nature study and the outdoors with our appreciation for Charlotte Mason methods and notebooking and journaling. I hope you will find these e-books helpful in your homeschool as well.

As a mom who has seen these years fly by too fast, I wish you all the best in your homeschooling years and time to enjoy your children before they move on to their future goals.