Animal Farm High School Literary Novel Study
High School Literature, Literature Study

Animal Farm High School Literary Novel Study

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About the Course

Join us as we read about a time and place where farm animals sing, chant slogans, and walk on two legs!

This high school literature course explores the history of the Russian Revolution, the story of Animal Farm as an allegory to this event and why George Orwell felt the need to write a story in the form of a children’s tale during this time period. ¬†Along the way with assigned readings, in videos with the instructor, and online resources this course will discuss the following topics:

  • literary techniques and devices – satire, allegory, symbolism, imagery, motifs, hyperbole, simile, metaphors, personification, irony, and the author’s writing style
  • literary analysis of characters and plot
  • historical background of the time period about which the story is written
  • the author’s biographical information and perspective
  • comprehension questions pertaining to the reading and other higher order thinking based questions
  • elements of a story – parts of a plot, plot map, point of view, conflict, setting, theme
  • vocabulary