Writing the Informative 5 Paragraph Essay

Writing the Informative 5 Paragraph Essay

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About the Course

This course is an important foundational course for all students entering and in high school. With the skills gained from this course, students can build on their newly acquired knowledge and skills to write more complex papers that are required in the high school and college levels, such as persuasive essays, standardized tests that have an essay portion, and college application essays.

Through instructor videos, assignments, and online resources, this course includes instruction in the following skills and topics:

  • brainstorming ideas and details for a paper (eliminating the “deer caught in headlights syndrome” staring at a blank piece of paper)
  • identifying and formulating topic sentences for introductory and body paragraphs
  • formulating supporting paragraphs with required details and examples
  • building effective introductory paragraphs with engaging hooks
  • building effective concluding paragraphs with strong closing statements
  • effectively using transitions words between and within paragraphs
  • adding variety to your sentence structure to make your writing more interesting and bring it to higher level
  • self editing skills