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Summer Nature Study and More E-Book

If you’re like me, you like the idea of bringing your kids out into nature, enjoying the current season and appreciating the little things in your surroundings. However, you might be concerned about covering the different areas of sciences. Not to worry! This book covers biology, physical science, and chemistry in a way that makes them understandable, fun, and “real life” for your children!summer nature study and more 3d cover_edited-1

Just like our Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year book, this nature study uses nature to introduce more formal scientific study topics and areas for different months of the year for a particular season.

To find out more about this ebook and/or receive your free copy, click here!

Nature Hike Supply Checklist

Don’t go on your next nature walk or (hike as my boys used to like to call it) until you’ve downloaded, printed, and checked off this list!

Every proper nature walk or hike needs the proper supplies. And according to my guys these supplies are absolutely necessary!

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Homeschool High School Activity Record Worksheets and Suggestions List

You will want to make sure to download our Suggestions List and Activity Record Worksheets so you and your high schooler can keep track of extra curricular activities, groups, awards and achievements, leadership positions, and mentor/leader contact information to request those letters of recommendation or job references and transcript records that colleges want to see. They are also useful in organizing and keeping track of your high schooler’s experience for a resume when they want to apply for a job or an internship or any special programs. A resume with an application really helps your high schooler stand out.

To read more about this set of worksheets or sign up to receive them, click here Homeschool High School Activity Record Worksheets.

Notebooking Pages

We used notebooking pages for years in our homeschool! I feel it was one of the most effective ways to learn during our day – from formulating and organizing thoughts and sentences into longer written papers over time, remembering what we learned during a specific study, and being able to use those notebooking pages as a portfolio of what we accomplished over the school year – a great reward and treat to look at later!

Look at the sample pages and see what you think!


Free Notebooking Pages Sampler

We have used notebooking pages throughout our homeschool years and it has been one of the most effective techniques used in our time together! Get your free over 600 page sampler to try out in your homeschool now!