Homeschool High School Electives Options Part One

It can be confusing choosing and deciding what homeschool high school electives to incorporate into your high schooler’s schedule, after you have searched for what’s available.

There are basic electives that are typically found on a transcript such as the ones listed below (and are the ones focused on in this post – Part Two will have suggestions for more specific interest oriented ideas.)


Homeschool Physical Education

  • General Fitness – This class can incorporate the use of cardio, strength, and core exercises. Setting up a structured schedule to include amount of time spent per day/per week and starting with performance before you begin the program, progress point check ins, and a year end assessment to compare your performance at the start of the program.

A suggestion for this type of program would be the Homeschool Mom Fitness Program , a program that you and other members of your family can participate in while completing schooling requirements for everyone! No additional materials needed. (affil.)

To use alongside this program or any other fitness program, you can use this Homeschool Mom Fitness Tracker pack.

  • Presidential Fitness Award – There other options to pursue fitness and physical education requirements. If you have a child in the Civil Air Patrol, Jr. ROTC programs, Boy Scouts etc, look into having your child complete requirements for these programs to either progress in ranks or earn merit badges.
  • Set Up Your Own Program – However and whatever you choose to incorporate fitness into your schedule for credit, even if it is a regular walking schedule, make sure to keep records of how much, how often, and progress made over the course of the school year.


Homeschool Art

Art is another area the colleges like to see some exposure for the student on the transcript. This can be a curriculum studying and practicing specific types of media and techniques, art period and artist appreciation, or art history.

There are a number of programs out there to choose from other than signing up for local art classes.

Masterpiece Society Art Courses are a formal study of mixed media and masters from different time periods and seasonal and other themes. I love the variety it offers in a pick and choose format at reasonable prices. (Some of her programs are on sale at the moment!) (affil)

If you prefer to learn the basics of drawing, Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkaid. We completed this program when my guys were in middle school.

Another program that includes enjoyable and interesting artist and art study is Meet the Masters. This link is to the Homeschool Buyer’s Coop where I have found the cheapest prices for the packages offered for this program. You also complete a piece of art imitating the technique of each artist after you have learned about the artist and his/her art. I greatly enjoyed using this program with my kids.

For more informal, more animation type drawing lessons, one of my sons enjoyed Mark Kistler’s Online Lessons which we purchased through Homeschool Buyer’s Coop. It was more of an imitate what he does on screen and have fun with drawing goofy animals and other subjects.


Homeschool Music

Singing opportunities are available at church or local community choruses or choirs. We even participated in an informal group organized by a woman teaching “shaped-note singing” which uses a simplified version of reading musical notes to guide you in singing. It was very entertaining and educational.

Do you have a child who wishes to learn a musical instrument, but can’t afford weekly lessons or the time it takes to drive to lessons or your student wishes to putter along at their own pace?

There are a large assortment of online lessons – some over skype or some with videos.

Gentle Guitar uses Skype and encourages parent participation. They offer a free lesson to see if this type of lesson is for you!

Homeschool Piano is offered at Homeschool Buyers Coop at a discounted rate. Right now, you can register for free access through the end of August to give it a try!

Simply Music is another online program for homeschoolers to learn how to play the piano offered at Homeschool Buyers Coop at discounted prices.

Piano Wizard is another program to learn piano, but using a video game format. They also offer a free sample lesson to try it out before purchasing.

Maestro Classics were CDs we used for music appreciation. My guys loved these when they were younger. Each CD comes with an activity booklet and tells a story through the use of music and instruments of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The composer’s background and the story are introduced with an explanation of the instruments used to portray the characters and the meaning and techniques of each one in the story. Our music appreciation time was not usually spend sitting and quietly listening once the music started playing, but was an active and interactive interpretive session! (affil)


I hope you find these suggestions for supplements to your main course study helpful! I will be adding additional posts with more options, so stay tuned for those!