Homeschooling Through Challenging Times

Homeschooling Through Challenging Times

Just in time for flu season and all sorts of nasty illnesses going around… I thought I’d share how our family has grown and actually benefitted from homeschooling through challenging times.

We worry how far behind our children will become in their studies when time is taken up in our day dealing with a challenging situation. The situation may be an extended illness, a new baby, finances or job changes, moving, taking care of parents or other relatives, or another event that disrupts our daily routine and lifestyle.

We wonder how much and what kind of subjects or skills we should try to incorporate into our days and if we can manage including anything at all at the moment.

I can tell you after homeschooling for 13 years and graduating two who are in college, and after experiencing almost all of the situations I included in the list above – “It will be okay.”

There were times I was only able to have them read on their own or just read a little bit together each day. And I was worried about how they would do with the required “End of the year assessments.” I was surprised and delighted to see their results and how they actually had progressed, despite the disruptions in our homeschooling.

Not only had they gained academic skills, but now, as they are older and managing a lot of life’s challenges on their own, I can see they gained very important life skills they use today.

  • We  may not understand why things happen, but God is with us during hard times.  Through these experiences we can grow in our faith and have a stronger relationship with Him and find Peace during these times.
  • Family helps and supports family.
  • Patience, fortitude, perseverance, and hope can be found and practiced.
  • Learn from all experiences, either bad or good, and walk away with valuable lessons and good thoughts, and leave the negative ones behind.
  • Life is not fair, but you do have control over how you react and what you do about it.
  • Forgive and let go of anger and resentment, and move on.
  • Count your blessings and what you have to be grateful for, despite your circumstances.
  • Be there for others when they are facing a challenge. Be empathetic to the fact that everyone has some kind of challenge they are facing even if you don’t know what it is.
  • Circumstances constantly change and seasons of life are temporary. Enjoy the moments you can even when times are tough and really appreciate the good times when they appear.
  • Appreciate “normal” or “boring” times.

When we were going through challenging times when my guys were younger, I wasn’t really focusing on the future since I had a lot on my plate during those times. But now that they are older, when we encounter challenging times, my sons now remind me of how I should be approaching the situation.

I can see how, as parents, we are teaching our children some of the most important skills of all in how we model how to face and live life through challenging times. They really do learn and benefit from homeschooling and living those challenging times with us.

So, the next time you worry about “wasted time” in their schooling when something unexpected and challenging takes time away from academic learning, remember your children are learning even more valuable skills by watching you “live” life. And you are equipping them to “live” life too when they get older.

Be sure to comment with any lessons or skills you feel your family may have learned from homeschooling through tough times!