A Christmas Carol High School Literature Study
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A Christmas Carol High School Literature Study

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About the Course

This course examines the classic, A Christmas Carol, through the eyes of its author, Charles Dickens. This story is a reflection of the times in which Charles Dickens lived and the message he wished to share with the world about those times. At the same time, Dickens wanted to make available to all, despite their economic class, a heart warming story of redemption and second chances.

Through video instruction, assignments, and online resources, this course covers the following skills and topics:

  • author’s biographical information and the historical time period about which this story is written
  • literary devices and techniques
    • author’s writing style, mood, theme, imagery, similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, flashback, foreshadowing, tone, foil, protagonist, antagonist, dialogue, story format and structure
  • story elements – plot, plot map, setting
  • character analysis, including static and dynamic characters, flat or round character development
  • comprehension and higher order thinking skill questions and analysis about the story
  • vocabulary