Writing a Persuasive Essay

Writing a Persuasive Essay

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About the Course

This class will focus on how to write an effective Persuasive Essay. The student should be able to write a five paragraph essay before attempting this course. We have a suitable Writing an Informative 5 Paragraph Essay class that will prepare your student to take this Persuasive Essay class.

This is one of the most important types of essays for a student to take who plans to attend college. Most college papers will require students to agree, disagree or make a point about a topic or multiple topics one paper, using facts, citations from documents and readings, and or state an opinion as fact. This skill requires a foundation and practice to meet these expectations.

This class will prepare your student to write an effective Persuasive Essay with the following concepts and skills:

  • brainstorming supporting arguments and details around a topic
  • writing an outline for your paper
  • writing effective introductory paragraphs with a thesis statement and hook
  • writing effective supporting detailed body paragraphs
  • writing effective concluding paragraphs with a summary statement and clincher
  • using effective writing techniques with transition words and sentence structure variety