Study Family Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Study Family Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Homeschooling during the Christmas season can be hectic, intimidating, and stressful!

Have you ever felt that way? I know I have!

How can you continue at least some homeschooling and enjoy the Christmas season and reflect on its meaning without stressing out about fitting it all in?

Combining Christmas with your homeschooling in a fun and memorable Christmas Around the World unit study that includes the whole family and makes wonderful memories along the way, and even starts a new family tradition or two! It’s the ultimate in Relaxed Homeschooling! Learning Fun with a Christmas Around the World Unit Study!

I have been pouring all my years of teaching and homeschooling experience into a brand new unit study that focuses on family traditions from around the world in their preparation for and celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Traditions and Customs Germany sample page

About This Study (over 100 pages)

You only need to print what you wish to use for the crafts or to have recipes on hand.

  • It has something for all ages in your family from simple and easy crafts and recipes for the littles to enjoy and more complex tasks for your older ones.
  • It is ready to print and go with little planning involved, except to pick out what you would like to do for each country.
  • Supplies needed for the crafts and recipes are basic and can be found around the house or purchased inexpensively at the dollar or grocery store.
  • No extra books to find or purchase.
  • Opportunities for Rabbit Trails or independent research for olders to share with the rest of the family, maybe while the little ones work on a simple craft.

What’s Inside?

  • 11 Countries
    • Maps
    • Extra Links to Online Resources and Fun
    • Traditions and Customs Explanations
    • Activities to follow from traditions from around the world
    • Crafts – with simple material lists, directions, and photos to help you along the way (some are simple and some a bit more complex for the older ones)
    • Recipes – with simple ingredients and include basic to more complex recipes to try your (or your teenager’s) hand
    • Stories, Videos, Short and Interesting Historical Background
    • Carols
    • Templates and Printables

What Subjects and Skills are Included?

  • Geography, History, Social Studies/Cultural Study
  • Language Arts – Folktales and Stories, Following Directions, Attention to Detail, Public Speaking opportunities, writing opportunities
    • To include an important writing component with practice of summarizing, retelling, and narrative writing, I recommend the Make Your Own ABC Book About…. Christmas ebook to write about what you are learning, retelling stories you read, or writing about your favorite traditions and the meaning of Christmas

  • Math – recipes with measurement, fractions, abbreviations
  • Science – Chemical reaction of yeast and sugar in cooking
  • Art – crafts
  • Music – Carols
  • Rabbit Trails and Research

When you are done? Wonderful memories, deeper appreciation for the meaning of the season and maybe some new family traditions. You will be refreshed from treating yourselves to something different in your routine and ready to start off the new year strong and continue your regular studies after your break.

So, are you ready to have something at your fingertips that is ready to go during this busy season?

All the work has been done for you except for the part of fun and learning alongside your family!

I’m leaving that up to you!


I have gotten great feedback from moms who have purchased it! I’m so glad so many are finding it helpful and easy to use and are so excited to get started!


Here is what some moms have been telling me –

I am looking forward to diving into this study! It looks like so much fun and has everthing in it and is easy to use! – Samantha

This Christmas Around the World e-book is such a wonderful resource! It is full of fun craft ideas, recipes and interesting facts! I cannot wait to begin this unit study with my grandchildren! – Judy

I cannot wait to start this unit study! I am not a crafty person! So having this ready to go for me to use is a great resource! – Stephanie


If you have any questions before or after purchasing the study, just email me at with any questions and I will be happy to assist you!

If you have any more questions or need ideas on how to use this unit study – I have made a video with some more details!

Thank you again for being a part of Katie’s Homeschool Cottage community!

I hope your family has a blessed Thanksgiving! And that this unit study will become a special addition to your Christmas!

Please share this brand new homeschool resource so that others may make special memories too! I would really appreciate your help to spread the word! Thanks!