Overcome Mid-Winter Homeschool Blues with a One Hundred Day Celebration

Overcome Mid-Winter Homeschool Blues with a One Hundred Day Celebration

This is the time of year when we experience a mid-winter homeschool slump and we need to do something different in our routine! That’s where the 100th Day of School celebration comes in! It can be adapted to all ages of the family so you can take the day and celebrate together!

I have a sampling of suggested activity ideas, book titles you could read together, and some online resources for printables to use and more activity ideas.

Some 100th Day of School Activity Ideas

  • Fill jars or vases or other assorted sizes of glass containers with 100 various sized objects to get a visual idea of what 100 looks like.
  • See how far 100 steps takes you.
  • With real or play money, count to $100 or $1.00 using different size currency.
  • Skip count to 100 with different numbers – 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s. (Use the different printable charts below with the link.)
  • For older children, have them use a metric ruler and meter stick and measure objects with millimeters, centimeters, meters – all based on 10’s and 100’s in the metric system.
  • Perform 10 different exercises in sets of 10 each until you have 10 sets of 10.
  • Make a paper chain from construction paper of 10 different colors (with 10 loops each) and join them together to make a chain of 100 loops. They will see the different colored 10 sets.
  • Older ones can write an essay about what it was like 100 years ago.
  • Older ones can write an essay of what it will be like in 100 years.
  • Put together a 100 piece puzzle.
  • Fill in a blank 100 Hundred Chart using different numbers in skip counting (Use the printables in the link below.)


Books to Read about the 100th Day of School

  • Emily’s First 100 Days of School by Rosemary Wells
  • 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler
  • The 100th Day of School by Angela Shelf Medearis, Joan Holub
  • Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate
  • 100 Days of Cool (MathStart Level 2) by Stuart J. Murphy  (I love these books to introduce and practice math concepts!)
  • Cheerios Count to 100 by Justine Korman Fontes
  • One Hundred Ways To Get To 100 (Jerry Pallotta Math Books) by Jerry Pallotta
  • The Cheerios Counting Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath
  • 100 Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes
  • 100 Snowmen by Jen Arena
  • Centipede’s 100 Shoes by Tony Ross
  • The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza
  • One Watermelon Seed by Ceila Barker Lottridge

Online Resources for 100th Day of School Printables and Activity Ideas

Taking a break from your normal routine mid-year and in the middle of winter (especially when it’s too cold or icy to go outside) is a great way to remotivate everyone! There were times where I couldn’t remember dates enough to verify if the day was exactly the 100th day of school for us, but I needed something fresh and different to break up our week. But, don’t tell my guys that! We all had a great time any way!

Do you have any 100th day celebration ideas to share? Share them in the comments section. If you know of a friend who could use a creative boost to break up their week, please share this! They’ll appreciate it!